Film Processing & Scanning

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Film Processing & Scanning


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Delivery : 3 - 5 Working Days


Film Format & Type Develop & Scan (35mm / 120 Medium Format) Lead Time
Colour Negative (C41) RM14.80 Same day ~ 1 working day
Single Use Disposable Camera (Color C41) RM14.80 Same day ~ 1 working day
Black & White Negative RM18 3~5 working days
ECN2 Motion Film RM18 3~5 working days
Ship Back Negatives RM10 West Malaysia RM18 East Malaysia

Where to Send

Order the service and make payment.
Please attach order and payment slip send together with films to:

Lot 9, Jalan 2/118B, Desa Tun Razak 56000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Attention : Film Lab
Phone : 019-9315270

Image Upload

A Wetransfer download link for your images will be sent to your email.

Negatives can be ship back (additional courier charges) or Self pick up

Filmlab uses the highest quality equipments to process, develop and scan films. This ensures we can fully maximize the quality of photos captured.